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Fund-X Outsourcing services

Fund-X's core activity allows its Clients (Fund Promoters and Fund Administrators) to outsource some or all of their Fund
expenses monitoring and control activities. We have been active in this field since 2005 and have acquired since then
a significant amount of experience by servicing some of the most renowned Fund Promoters and Fund Administrators
in Luxembourg, Dublin, Paris and London.

Why would you outsource your Fund Expenses monitoring and control to Fund-X?

  • Our service range, focusing on fund expenses management, is unique in the market;
  • Fund-X Quantic (our in-house proprietary system that has been developed since 2006) is dedicated to and specialized
    in all matters surrounding fund expenses monitoring and control matters.
    Through its monthly reporting, you are aware of any issue surrounding your fund expenses management
    as soon as it arises;
  • For our Clients, Outsourcing to Fund-X means less costs and more flexibility with their own workforce.

How does Fund-X outsourcing work?

In order to allow the outsourcing of Fund Expenses management to Fund-X, you will need to provide us with the following data:

  • Suppliers contracts;
  • NAV’s levels;
  • FX rates;
  • Copies of fund invoices on a weekly or monthly basis.

Fund-X is flexible

The above are our standard outsourcing services. We are performing other ad-hoc tasks for some of our Clients.
Please contact us if your organization has specific needs in our field of expertise.

Examples of ad-hoc monitoring performed for our Clients:

  • Fund distribution centers profitability monitoring;
  • New share classes profitability monitoring and comparison vs. original business case provided by Product Development;
  • VAT processing and control support.